Sunday, 25 July 2010

Forest Sections And Update

After quite a break from hobbying, I managed to get some time to base and undercoat some Octopods. While doing this I decided to pull apart the square forest sections I'd made and replace them with "classic" organic shaped ones.

I used some thin plasticard to make the new bases, and just cut them out with scissors. I then glued on a slab of perspex to the middle to keep them stiff, and puttied in the little step this created.

A quick black undercoat and they were ready to paint and attach the twist-tie trees I made earlier.

They look a lot better on the table than before. I think I may still sand/flock the edges of the 25mm bases on the loose trees to help blend them in.

This method of making forest sections is a good compromise between permanently fixed and re-positionable ways of building them and allows a great deal of flexibility. I'll use these in my next game for sure and see how they affect play.

Update on other things in the works:
I'm still working on the spaceship modular deck plans and have gotten quite distracted starting to write rules specific to them (without really meaning to) but they are not far off.

I'm expecting a bunch of Blue Moon manufacturing figures in the post, and am making another Khurasan order tonight. I am getting close to having too many figures now.. 


  1. Too many figures? Is that possible? And in a few days/weeks, when you have painted a few, you will think, "Ahh, I really need some more of THOSE, just to complete this ORBAT I've just made up." ;)

    Well, this is what happens to me, YMMV

  2. Really like these. Having the single trees to fill in & move about the forest sections is a great way to make these look good & stay playable.

    Looking forward to whatever you get up to next...

  3. Kobold: the more I paint the more I want.. This "15mm, keeping it minimal" idea is becoming a monster!

    Peabody: yeah, I think a mix of fixed and loose trees is the best way. I've gone a bit terrain crazy with this project, but it's because 15mm terrain is just so damn easy to bulid to a good quality level compared to larger scales. :)