Sunday, 11 July 2010

Final 15mm Paper Door

I adjusted the lighting on the frame side panels, shifted the bits a little to allow for the paper thickness and shifted the control panel to the side to double as a support tab. This has made the model more solid as the door is now fixed from all 4 sides.  A quick bit of sharpie work backed in the frame interiors nicely. Some of it blurred through to the other side.. Just looks like grime though, so I'm not bothered by it.
Quite by accident, all the surfaces requiring glue ended up on the same side. Once cut and scored, you could spray-adhesive the glue on in one hit.
I'm pleased with the final result. Not bad for a first foray into paper modeling.


  1. Very nice! You should make it available to folks or maybe consider selling it.

  2. Still working on the full set, I want it to be a substantial release. Not far off though. I've got the basic rooms finished and just need to do some more 'objective rooms'and tweaking. Coming together well though!