Wednesday, 7 July 2010

CR3 Enemy Forces Cards

Last night in an effort to further streamline the already excellent CR3,  I decided on a card-based system for resolving P.E.F's (Potential Enemy Forces). There's nothing wrong with the rules as written, but I am incredibly lazy and don't like slowing down the game for any reason if it can be at all avoided.

Instead of rolling for what and how many (if any) enemies each PEF represents, I made a set of cards for my Zeig army that list that information, as well as the stat lines of those forces. This means I can find out who, how many, and what the stats are of the enemy with a single card draw. Now that's lazy. :)

I decided the Zeig Empire uses Warbots, to give them some variety (The Titan Marines all have the same equipment) and made up some crazy special rules for the enemy Villains. I threw in a minefield event as well. When randomly mixed in with a set number of "All clear" cards, it should provide an excitingly unpredictable enemy force generation system, with the added bonus of reference charts.

I adapted the free CR3 scourge rules for the Warbots and put the relevant changes onto a card as well.
Once I'd made all these in Photoshop, I printed them out on matte photo paper via my ink-jet printer, cut them up and put them in some CCG sleeves.

I also made up a system to randomly determine what this paticular enemy force are doing when you resolve the PEF.

 If the system works well, I will go back and add some extra art to the cards, some of which are a bit plain (I'm looking at you, "All Clear").

For Terrain I'm going to use the old classic "Set up a good looking board then roll to see what your entry side will be" system. It's been saving time and producing nice layouts for years. I can't see my non-opponent complaining.

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  1. These are some very nice cards! Great idea for speedy resolution of PEF's & for adjusting the enemy activity level by changing up your mix of cards.