Sunday, 11 July 2010

15mm Paper Doors

Last night I tried making some print and stick paper doorways for my deck plans. The goal was to make single-piece models that were easy to make. It didn't go especially well.

The first prototype's door was too fiddly and the slot ruined the structural integrity. It also took ages to cut and assemble. It looked OK, but was too flimsy and annoying for my tastes.
The second one solved the flimsiness problem, but was still kind of irritating to assemble, and didn't look as much like a door as the first one.

I think what I will actually end up doing for my own games is make a custom order to Jim at Litko and use something like this:

They are going to need a thick base to look good with my minis, and this product (if they can do square bases) solves the problem neatly.

I will work on a 3rd paper design today though, as if I sell the deckplans I'd wan it to be a complete paper terrain solution. I think if I do a single-thickness 2.5d doorframe and an integral door, a lot of the fiddlyness will go.

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  1. Yes as soon as I saw those I was thinking that they would be great stand ins for doors.