Saturday, 26 June 2010

Khurasan Parasachnid Bioweapons

These models by Khurasan were bigger than I expected. I had to order in some 25mm bases for them, and even then spent some time bending the legs in a bit to fit. (and I realize just now that because I haven't put anther figure in the shot for reference, I am perpetuating the issue. Oh well..) Not that the size is a problem though, they will make terrifying opponents for human sized models!

Stupid anecdote: While trying to assemble them (They come in 2 parts) I was annoyed by how long the superglue was taking to dry. I thought it must be because of the joins not being particularly flush.
So to remedy this I made a quick batch of milliput and squished a tiny ball of it into each leg section and then mushed the top back on, into the putty and glue. The fact that the glue was still liquid after 15 minutes should have set off an alarm bell. But I was thinking about other things. It was not until the next day when attempting head swaps that kept falling off, that I realized I had mixed up my bottles and been using PLASTIC GLUE.
Doh, to say the least. Turns out that yellow milliput and plastic glue do in fact combine into a mighty bonding agent, so it was OK in the end.

I painted these very simply while waiting for my Titan Marines to dry.
Slopped on Dheneb stone over the black undercoat, then drybrushed in a highlight and painted some final highlights (white mixed into the Dheneb stone) to smooth out the finish,  as I hate the look of speckley drybrushing.
 I picked out the mouth detail with some red highlighting, and wished that more of them had open mouhts, as it adds a nice bit of interest. They were very very fast because of this.. The painting certainly took an insignificant period of time compared to the assembly and basing, the latter requiring a lot of putty.

They look a little better on the table than in the photos, but in retrospect I think I rushed them a bit and didn't respect them enough. I really should have taken more time with them, as they are brilliant models. The piant jobs on the Khurasan website are a lot better than mine.

I think I'll pair them up with my Kra-vak when I paint them. The Kra-vak are great models, but a little small by today's standards. The idea of little alien soldiers with huge attack bugs makes me smile.


  1. Love these models! Want to get some, what is shipping like to UK?

  2. I ordered about US$20 worth of models and the shipping was $8. It got here very fast, inside a week. I think a fiver is pretty reasonable.. Many other companies charge crazy for international shipping.

    I'm going to do another order, but I'm waiting for some more stuff rumoured to be released so it's worth it. (Spaceship crew- amazing,the Post Apocalypse range..More zombies and I'll probably cave in and get some Karks and maybe a crab monster as well. Oh dear..)