Sunday, 27 June 2010

GZG Kra'vak Infantry

Inspired by the idea of pairing these guys up with my Parasachnids, I tore into these GZG Kra'vak.
I wanted to tie them visually to the bugs, so I painted their armour the same colour, GW Denheb Stone.
After a lot of frowning, I decided on a bright lurid green skin tone. Orange was a close second, so I used that to detail the specialist troops.

The models looked a bit plain until I started drybrushing on the base colour. They are in fact extremely rich in surface detail. As a bonus, I found a pack of Kra'vak powered armour troops while digging these out of the figure drawer. Infantry, bugs and power armour should prove a fun mix of troops to fight against and I'm looking forward to fielding them.

Just like the OUDF, I liked painting these models so much I will probably get some more. The mounted ones riding into battle alongside giant bugs suddenly seems like a brilliant idea..

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  1. I really like your painting on these. In fact I'm inspired to use them as a substitute for Orks in my 15mm Rogue Trader project. They are very cool looking figures.