Thursday, 24 June 2010

First Attempts: Crusties

I used the same basic technique as described in my last post. The only difference was I did an additional black wash over the weapons.
Overall, The results were even worse.

I had used a yellowy brown for the base tone, which when using a dark brown wash, ended up way too dark.. Or at least not what I was expecting.

The Leaders and special weapons models were also very difficult to tell apart from the regular troops.
A new approach was clearly required. On the plus side, I had fully painted about 30 models easily in 2 short evening sessions.. Something absolutely unrealistic when I used to paint 28mm. The speed of completeion was a lot of fun, even if the results were not what I wanted.

I took a break after this initial burst of activity and had a think.

Next post: The New Technique :)

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