Thursday, 24 June 2010

Battle Robots (by The Scene)

Local manufacturers The Scene make some really cool models. I ordered a bunch of stuff at very reasonable prices (Can you buy a top of the line 28mm character model for 40p? No.) and super fast shipping. First off the block were these battle robots.

I was drawn to these because they didn't look precisely like Terminator robots or Necrons, though of course evocative of both to an extent. For a while I thought of using the larger robots as support for human forces and painting them like tanks or the ABC warriors, but decided that adding some varied troops types to the battle robots would be more useful.
I did chop down their noses at 45 degree angles to make their faces more skull-like and match their little brothers.

These were incredibly easy to paint, 2 stage metal drybrush and black wash. I used some Gryphonne sepia in random patches to add some subtle variation to the finish, which isn't very evident in the photos, but does an admirable job.

The guns were a little trickier, but I wanted to make sure they were nice and distinct from the robot bodies. Luckily they have tons of detail and looked great with some simple highlighting. I'm not a fan of painting guns like they are made of silver most of the time anyway, but in this case they would have just plain vanished. The guns ended up being my favorite bit of the finished models.

I think I will round out these forces with some of the remote gun platforms from GZG eventually.

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